How Video Can Raise Customer Engagement

in Knowledgebase on 21/10/2018

How Video Can Raise Customer Engagement

The train to the next station is here, it is either buy a ticket or you will be left behind. I couldn’t stop myself from imagining the benefits of videos after reading from a trusted source Bloomberg that over 10 billion is watched on a daily basis on snap chat.

It was also fascinating to realize that Business insider publicly announced that YouTube accounts for over 500 million hours of video been watched on a daily basis. Fellas! This is huge.


Video Enhances Customers Engagement

Based on (Wistia), just a 2 minutes video is good enough to keep your customers engaged.
Therefore if you truly want to engage your target customers, making a video is the best way you can do that.

Of recent, Facebook came out to say that about 65% of viewers that did watch just three seconds of a video on Facebook are most likely to watch 10 more seconds and 45% will definitely watch the full clip.
This shows that indeed videos have ways of pulling viewers

Twitter also came out to say that video is 6x more likely to be retweeted than a picture or a thousand word post.

This again shows that the moment one of your target customers likes one of your videos, there is a high probability that he or she will share.

Lastly, Hubspot declares how important videos are, stating that 55% of active internet users consume videos more.

With all this, I am sure you are convinced that video enhances customers engagement.

Videos Also Influence Purchasing Behavior

In addition to all the data that I will be giving below it is so obvious that videos have a way of making shoppers buy products either online or in store.

All thanks to mobile phones, shoppers can now watch videos online about a particular product before deciding whether to buy it or not.
They watch past reviews from other customers and all other basic information about the product.

Humans are visual being, A shopper will prefer to buy a product that has a short video to that which has a page filled with descriptive words.

Just last year, Google addresses the importance of videos in business.
They claim that approximately 6 of 10 subscribers on YouTube will buy a particular product if they come across a video recommended by their favorite creator.

According to a survey by animoto, consumers are 4x more likely to buy a product after watching a video than reading an article.

The RIO of videos is Massive

According to Aberdeen Group, companies that make use of videos when marketing is most likely to grow faster at the rate of 49% than those that use just articles.

This only should tell you that investing a penny in videos is not a waste of money.

Based on all these facts and analysis, what is your company doing about the use of videos? join the moving train today!.