Scheduling Facebook Posts

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Scheduling Facebook Posts

Facebook is one of the best social medium platform with which you can reach a wide range of customers effectively. It’s potentials are beyond the scope that we all see. As of the last quarter of 2018, Facebook had about 2.27 billion active users.

Scheduling your Facebook post is very important, you need to have this in place if you are to attain maximum heights in your business.

How to schedule facebook post?

Scheduling your post is not as difficult as it seems. Below are the basic steps that will guide you through the process:

1. This process begins with you creating a content that you intend to post at your page timeline, which is located at the top of the page. 

2. Click on the tab next to the publish button and select schedule.

3. Now you can choose the date and time you intend to post your content.

There are instances when you will like to make adjustments to your post. It might be to delete an already scheduled post or change the schedule of the post. Whatever it may be, you can do that by following this simple steps.

  • Select publishing tools which is usually at the top corner of the page and then select scheduled post at the left side:
  • Select the post you wish to make final adjustments:

Why you should schedule facebook post?

  • Scheduling your post greatly helps with social media marketing and it allows you to reach more customers at a time.
  • Timing is a very crucial part of posting on Facebook. Publishing your post manually will deprive you of posting your videos, and content at the right time. However, scheduling your post helps to publish your contents and videos at the right time you want it to go out automatically.
  • The less the task you have to do, the most time you have to develop creative contents. Instead of waiting for the perfect time to publish your post manually, in turn, wasting your time, why not schedule your post. This will give you more time to think and bring our mind-blowing contents and videos.

3 Best paid tools for scheduling your facebook post

Facebook scheduling tools are considered as an aid or a facilitator with which you can schedule your Facebook posts or videos automatically with ease.

There are several types of tools, each with its capabilities and features. However, there are three major scheduling tool that are quite exceptional.

Here are 3 leading tools in the field with their main focus:


Manage all your social networks in one spot with a customizable dashboard that lets you see several feeds at once.


Queue and schedule content with ease.

Sprout Social

An all in one social media management tool that lets you schedule, publish, analyze, and engage with your audience.