Video Marketing

Video Marketing​ – Perfect tool to grow your business

in Inspiration, Knowledgebase on 14/10/2018

Video Marketing

Videos have this way of pulling your target customers into what you want to share. It paints a real life picture and it is also way better than writing thousands of catchy words that they might end up not reading. Videos also have this way of entertainment your target customers, share the key points of whatever it is you want to share within a very short period of time.


Aside from doing all these, you will also be making cool cash from your videos, like the (ROI) return on investment is massive. If you truly are hoping to take your online business to a higher level, then you should think of video marketing. Social media functions as both the home and office of a marketer, including  video marketing will enhance your social media which in turn will make you so much money.

Over the years, social media has helped increase growth of business, with over 1 billion hours of videos watched on YouTube on a daily basis and many more on other social media platforms like facebook, Instagram and the likes, you need to consider video marketing. Video marketing is the present and also the future if you want to take your business to another level.

Reasons why you should consider video marketing

  • Share what you do with the world

It is been predicted that the global internet traffic that will be generated from videos in the year 2019 will be taking the larger share of the total traffic, which is estimated to be around 80%. Presently, it was estimated that 78% of the worlds population watch videos online on a weekly basis.

This data is a good news if you are planning to start video marketing or you already into it. This video marketing reaches a larger population, telling your story, selling your brand and also sharing convincing testimonials.

  • Customers are moved to take action

The primary goal of a marketer is to make sales. That is exactly what video marketing will be bringing to you on a platter of gold. Recently, a psychological research was conducted and it was discovered that 64% of viewers are most likely to buy a product after watching a video. People tend to believe what they see rather than what they read. 

Video marketing can help you to increase sales. A call to action video is all you need and you will surprise with the end result.

  • Shows the world that you are an expert

Everyone loves the good things and getting from the best is the only way to achieve that. A 2 minutes video is capable of proving to your target customers that you are a professional. Video marketing is a very good tool that showcase your expertise and being an expert means you become more trusted. Trust is a good one that you need to grow your business.

  • Become the detailed journal that customers run to receive latest update.

With the help of video marketing, your brand becomes the place to get worthwhile and credible information. This is because your target customers sees the person addressing them and not just mere paper works 


Video marketing gives your business all what it needs, from sales down to recognition and trust. With more quality and Infromative video along with a strong video marketing strategy, the sky is your limit.

Keep marketing!